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Monday, June 05, 2006

The Dog Is Smarter Than You

If you've got a dog and live near the mountains, try going out sometime and letting the dog lead the hike. Then after a couple hours turn around, call your dog and just say "lets go home".

The dog will find its way back to the car every time.

Yet people get lost in the mountains with regularity.

The dog is smarter than you.

What it means to your love life.
Dogs don't worry if a dog of the opposite sex will like them or not. They just walk up and begin communicating the way dogs communicate.

No worry before hand, no stress, no worring if their fur is well brushed.

Ladies, if you want a guy, you would do well to remember this. Just go and talk to the guy you want.

Stop stressing about what he'll think about, what you're wearing, or your hair.

Just do it.

What it means to your health.
Dogs eat good food, get plenty of exercise if you let them, occasionally eat junk they find laying around (doggie version of "fast food"), and generally don't worry about much (even wild dogs, don't think they need you, it probably could get on fine alone in the mountains).

If you followed your dogs habits, you'd probably be much healthier. In fact, its when we human's get in the way that dogs get fat and unhealthy. Dogs WANT to run around and play, They WANT to have good food most of the time and junk only some of the time.

Dogs, if allowed to, will be healthy social animals for nearly all of their life.

Live the way a dog wants and you'll be healthy too.


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