Love And Health: Mountain Wisdom

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Dog Is Smarter Than You

If you've got a dog and live near the mountains, try going out sometime and letting the dog lead the hike. Then after a couple hours turn around, call your dog and just say "lets go home".

The dog will find its way back to the car every time.

Yet people get lost in the mountains with regularity.

The dog is smarter than you.

What it means to your love life.
Dogs don't worry if a dog of the opposite sex will like them or not. They just walk up and begin communicating the way dogs communicate.

No worry before hand, no stress, no worring if their fur is well brushed.

Ladies, if you want a guy, you would do well to remember this. Just go and talk to the guy you want.

Stop stressing about what he'll think about, what you're wearing, or your hair.

Just do it.

What it means to your health.
Dogs eat good food, get plenty of exercise if you let them, occasionally eat junk they find laying around (doggie version of "fast food"), and generally don't worry about much (even wild dogs, don't think they need you, it probably could get on fine alone in the mountains).

If you followed your dogs habits, you'd probably be much healthier. In fact, its when we human's get in the way that dogs get fat and unhealthy. Dogs WANT to run around and play, They WANT to have good food most of the time and junk only some of the time.

Dogs, if allowed to, will be healthy social animals for nearly all of their life.

Live the way a dog wants and you'll be healthy too.

Remember, the bonzai pilots died at the end

Life is risk. Trying to live a life without risk is no life at all.

Having said that, if you think, "I'll just bonzai this," keep in mind that those pilots committed suicide crashing their planes into ships at the end.

But wait, did ALL of the bonzai pilots die?

The answer is no, not all did. The japanese fighter pilot was feared throughout the pacific theater during WWII.

Going "bonzai" is what the pilots did when they knew they were going to crash and die any way.
But the pilots themselves were said to be fearsome, and despite the fact that the U.S. had superior aircraft, the japanese pilot still struck fear into the hearts of many a sailor.

What it means to your love life.
Life tends to reward risk. More specifically, it tends to reward the taking of risk. In this case, having the person you want is often as simple as growing a backbone and walking up to and speaking to the kind of person you want to be with.

Even if you're a woman ... especially if you're a woman.

You can let the random shooting gallery of men who actually decide to come up and talk to you decide what your choices of men will be ... or you can take control of your own life, assume a liitle of the risk that men have to deal with all the time, and YOU DECIDE WHO YOU ARE GOING TO TALK TO BY APPROACHING AND TALKING TO THE GUY YOU WANT.

What it means to your health.
This wisdom doesn't much pertain, because taking risks with your health is usually not the greatest idea UNLESS you are truly obese. In that case, it may be worth the risk to undergo gastric bypass or some other surgery. (but I am not at all suggesting that you necessarily should)

What it means to your money.
It is a fact that no one has ever gotten rich playing it safe. If you want to have lots of money, then you must put yourself out there, start a business, and take some risks.

But remember, some bonzai pilots died at the end. That means that risk INTELLIGENTLY TAKEN is likely to be rewarded. Taking needless risk is just stupid.

If you want a little free advice on this, just give me a call (my phone number is in the pane to the left).

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Trees Are The Forest

When walking through life, it is often easy to let the little the little things crowd you in, to cause you to just sort of get lost in it all.

You find yourself going through the motions, reacting to what comes, but in all the daily details your life just sort of gets buried.

The good and the bad news is that your life is your own making. It is the sum total of all your choices ... but more importantantly your ACTIONS.

Your life is your forest. The trees are the daily things that happen. How beautiful or ugly they are is directly related to the decisions you make and the actions you take.

In other words, the daily details ARE YOUR LIFE.

Those daily details that you're getting lost in ... it's because YOU MADE THEM HAPPEN!
Look around at your forest (your life). Is it what you want? Are you living the life you wished for as a child?

If not, why not? If you could, what would you change?

Having a different life is as simple as making different choices ... and more importantly, taking different actions.

If you keep making the same choices and keep doing the same things then your life is going to stay the same.

If you begin to make different choices and take different actions then your life will change.
The power of this is profound, but truly understanding it can be challenging.

What I'm saying is that your life is yours for the making. From this point onward, you can make your life anything you desire, or you can make it dull, boring, and monotonous. Figure out what it is you desire, then decide what decisions and actions it will take to get it.

What it means to your love life

If you're struggling to find the person that is right for you, do you even know what kind of person you want? The decisions you are making about how you dress and how you act will directly influence who you attract.

Who are you making eye contact with? Who are you spending your time lookin at? Are they REALLY the kind of people you want in your life or just the kind of people you are immediately attracted to.

So, the first thing to decide is WHAT KIND OF PERSON DO YOU WANT? What kind of job do they have, what are their basic interests (loves the outdoors, likes to stay home ... be very basic about what you want here), how do they dress, how do you want them to treat you.
Now, once you figre out what it is you want honestly sit down and consider what kind of person will they be attracted to LONG TERM. If you're a woman, don't fall into the trap of thinking that revealing clothes will automatically attract every kind of man. While it is true that revealing clothes and a flirtatious attitude will get you NOTICED AND LOOKED AT ... it is not true that every kind of man will ask that kind of woman out (unless they want a one night stand) let alone continue a sustained relationship.

So, the actions that you take will directly govern who you attract.

What it means to your health

Do you have the body you want? Take a look at the foods you eat and the exercise you get for the reson why.

Seriously, none of this is difficult. If you decide to eat a hug helping of ice cream every day while sitting in front of the TV for two or three hours you're probably not going to have an athletic physique.

You don't need fancy diet plans, expensive pills (only a few of which actually work any way), or even starvation diets.

You need to eat good foods most of the time, have junk food occasionally (perhaps once a week), and exercise a couple of times a week

In other words, good decisions and good actions get you good results.

Whether we're talking about your health, your love life, or even the money in your bank account.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


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